Ada Gabriel

"My interest is in creating art that connects the unseen with the seen, the unknown and the form that is called into being to express it. Beginning with that intention, I allow process to carry me. I feel a need to go further and deeper beneath the surface of life as I paint. Birth, creation, change and metamorphosis seem to be my themes".

Ron Gang

The light, colour and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert, home of artist Ron Gang. Rich oil paintings giving a taste of the Eternal Now as experienced in contemplating this magical landscape. Please enjoy!

Darlene Gait

Darlene Gait was born on Vancouver Island and began painting as a child. Inspired by Nature and her First Nations Heritage, her work is unique in that it is created with emotions that allow the viewer to connect and relate to the stories told through her brush. Her poetry, created with each painting, allows people to understand each image through the artist’s perception.

Vlad Gansovsky

I was born in 1977 in the family of engeneers. My father was keen of Amateur photography. In my childhood he showed me the basic photography techniques . After that I didn?t get in tought with photography for a long time. But all the time I was trying to express myself in different ways. In the beginning I made paintings on PC, then I got interested in bodyart, (painting on a body). As far as bodyart ? is a perishable art I started making photoes of my works. And in this way in 1998 I got back to photography again. Step by step I made preference towards photography and even got interested in pure photography without any bodyart paintings. And up to 2000 I was fully concentrated on photography. In 2003 has entered Union of the art-photographers of Russia. While developing my skills I walked the way from simple admire of the form to emotional portaraits. I like to define individuality instead of hiding physical defects. I prefer non standard impressive models. I?m trying to paint a person?s inside world through visual characters. I call my genre ?naked portrait?. I am interested in contact to art galleries, publishers and magazines

Marti Garaughty

I hold the brush, God moves my hand... In my new work, I'm using color and brushstrokes to invent a language of my own. Its similar to improvising jazz but instead of an instrument, I use paint and brushes to compose a visual form of music. I see color as the notes, the way the colors mix and blend as the harmony or dissonance and the brushstrokes as the rhythm. I think the best way to view my work is not to ask "what is it?", but to ask yourself... how does it make you feel? If anything, I hope my work inspires you to look within yourself, to see the possibilities that exist within all of us and to make the most of those possibilities, no matter what your possibilities might be.

J.W. Gardner

Gardner's recent paintings explore visual relationships between real and implied space. These large oil paintings employ bold dimensional color and energetic brushwork in carefully crafted compositions of parallel line perspective.

Paolo Gastaldo

Painter & Illustrator.

Matilde Gattoni

Matilde Gattoni was born in Milan in 1974. After studying History and History of the Art at the University of Strasbourg, Matilde graduated in Economics in 2001. Her photographic work has appeared in publications such as Geographical, Geo, Terre Sauvage, Focus, L'Humanité, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Icon. Her book "Uzbekistan, 10 years after independence" published in 2002 was made in collaboration with the Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, one of the major experts of Central Asia and Afghanistan. The book depicts a social frame of Uzbekistan 10 years after its independence from the USSR and poses the delicate question of the future of the Uzbek nation, the most powerful country in Central Asia thanks to its strategic geographical position. Matilde Gattoni is an independent photographer based in Milan available for assignments and collaborates since 2002 with UNICEF. Matilde is represented in Europe by Aura Photo Agency and in the Middle East by Arabian Eye Matilde is also specialized in architectural photography and has worked for clients such as Cassina Group, the Zurich Airport and Unesco.

Robert Gaudreau

As a self taught artist born and living in New Jersey. Robert's conversion from signwriter/painter entrepeneur of fourteen years ended in 1995. Robert's talents and approach are applied to the expressionism in painting which varies between the figurative, abstract and surreal expression. . Robert's approach to the abstracts expression of emotion, with color and application leads and implements us "to a viewable universal language". "Painting from the abstract I paint from my head as my arm and hand have a mind on thier own". Robert's abstract interests and studies derive from architecture, form and coloration. Robert's figurative interests and studies derive from dance, the human figures beauty and agility, to people and our behaviours. "I'm consumed with the beauty, form and agility of the human figures action and reactions. I like painting in a raw and natural sense, to reveal a moment in definition of emotion and gesture like in appearance." Some figurative concepts are from Robert's own experiences, and other peoples experiences, from what was to what may have been, concepts from the news of the world and reference to the joys, the love, the suffering, the wonders, the acting, the overpowering, so on and so forth.

Gilbert Gauthier

I am a an artist working in ceramic ,painting and printing. I studied at université du québec in montréal in fine arts.I have expose in different gallerys like montreal museum of fine arts gallery. at this moment I'm exposing at Ramacieri Soligo.

Maria Teresa Gaviria

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but raised in Cartagena, a city where you can feel the Caribbean sea at all times. I consider myself a traveler, I´ve always loved to see new places and make myself a part of them.
I studied fine arts in Puebla, México, 1999-2004, and had an exchange to Barcelona, Spain for eight months where I took some courses in photography, painting and illustration. I do painting and currently photography, but really like to experiment with different medias, graphic arts, collage and others.
My profession is my life, I believe creating is living every second and learning from it. One thing that defines what I do is that my work is strong and rough at times, which contrasts with my way to interact with the world. There is always the element of high contrast, in photography I will always look for dense shadows in lighted colors. I´ve come to realize that I find a poetic element in the the contemporary human life. Massive consumism, the daily rutine, the disconnection of people; the whole waste of spirituality disguised in materialism. This is what I see and think about in my work.
I´ve had three solo shows and I´ve participated in about fifteen collectives. This year I´ve started to show my work in Canada, Greece, Guatemala and hopefully in New York soon.

Maestro Gaxiola

We are trying to give you a variety of things that reflect my thirty pluse years in the arts Not only things I am doing, but things I have done. As my artistic mood changes, we will continue to update this site with new photos and art work in all media, so be sure to check back from time to time. If you enjoy what you see please tell your friends to visit the site. Your appreciation is the only reward we desire...Thank you. The MAESTRO.

Christine Genc

Austrian artist

Razia Gershon

Razia Gershon was born in Tel Aviv, joined by 3 brother and a sister. Her childhood years were spent at the shadow of the British occupation. Early on in her life, by age 12, Razia became involved with a rebel organization fighting the occupation, getting arrested, escaping and leading the life of a strong willed young woman in these years of turmoil.

Ernie Gerzabek

Ernie Gerzabek, contemporary landscapes, abstract painter.

Shonda Getrost

From the time Shonda Lee Getrost was a child she knew she would be an artist. The only question was what medium she would pursue. After years of working with wood, painting, drawing, and ceramics, the New River artist found herself drawn to metal like a magnet, and the result has been whimsical, unique and spirited sculptures that seem to burst out of their element and exude a new life of freedom and fancy.

Mohamed Ghazala

I'm Mohamed Ghazala ,(Ghazala in Arabic means Gazelle or Deer). I'm Egyptian, was born in the 1st of October 1978 in Benghazi, north of Libya ..I work as teacher at Animation department , at Fine Arts Faculty at Minia University.

Greg Gierlowski


Dr Shamai Giler

Shamai Giler is a man of many talents. As a master of painting, photography and in laser plastic surgery, Giler creates art of great power and beauty. As an Israeli artist, Giler's paintings and photographs have been exhibited across Israel since the early 80's. The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts, Rabin Medical Centre, Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, Kastra Gallery in Haifa and The Tel-Aviv Performing Art Center include some of the spaces where Giler's works had been exhibited.

Juan Miguel Giralt

With my creations I look for an increased nature that I don't only want to express with their forms and colors, but also with the feelings that it causes in me. This resulting nature is a fantastic reality that however should be valid with sense, and eloquent with message. Therefore it should be subject to the laws that configure the natural reality, as they are the relative ones to the light and the perspective. But at the end everything will be metaphoric, because my art is not another thing that the expressive interpretation of that allegorical reality.

Silvia Gladic

Drawings and paintings. Born in 1978. in Zrenjanin,Serbia & Montenegro. Graduated in 2004. at the Academy Braca Karic in Belgrade. Graduated in 2000 at the Colledge of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade.

Lina Golan

Sounds, colors and shapes have accompanied my journey through life, since the dawn of my childhood. It was clear to me even then, that art would be a way of life for me.

I have studied painting, sculpting and music with wonderful teachers, who helped focus my attention on the fact that art is predominantly about observing and listening.

The essence of my creation is inspired by nature itself --not in the sense of “landscape paintings” but based on events and its mystical qualities: the contrasts, the rhythms, the never-ending transformations, the mystery, the enormous energies – all of which have affected my artistic microcosm.

Being a musician and a painter, I feel there is a wonderful interaction between music and painting where sound can be nourished by color, and a plastic piece “can play”.

David Gold

Dave Gold was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up on Long Island, NY. Since he was a young boy Dave has always been extremely artistic. His love for painting started after creating a gift for his mother. From then on his skill and talent grew into a completly original form of painting abstracts and Surrealism with an explosive imagination. Dave is now one of New Yorks emrging artists currently doing gallery shows and his paintings are being sold throughout

Lynne Gold

I use portraiture within my work to allow the viewer to scrutinise the human subject. By capturing a character in a painting I can invite the viewer to focus on the image for as long as they choose, encourage them to judge, discuss and criticise both the subject and technique of the work. I aim to prolong the process of glancing at a person in a street, to introduce the viewer to subjects which are denied of a context or explanation, who are trapped in a still pose ready to be examined to the closest detail.

Colin Goldberg

I am a native NY'er, now in Bowling Green OH of all places doing a MFA in Digital Art

Josh Goldstein

New York's densely frenetic layering is a major inspiration for my work. I love how old storefront signs peak out behind new ones, and how a building door can be a canvas for artists, taggers, and guerrilla marketers. A lamppost is rarely just a lamppost.

It is a community bulletin board, graffiti showcase, exercise bar, and old sneaker receptacle. To me the city is at its best when its functions overlap, histories intermingle, and cultures collide. My chopped-up, blown-apart and reconstructed sculptural photo collages are an homage to the churning engine of New York, which is constantly creating new cities, both beautiful and ugly, right on top of the old one.

Hilde Goossens

Hilde Goossens is a young Belgian artist who graduated in 1997 with Great Distinction at the Saint-Lucas Institute, in the direction Free Plastic Arts. Since 2005 she has a fixed spot at a local Art Gallery. Her work is characterized by the use of lines and the little use of bright coulours; she preferes to play with the wide range of coulour-greys. Movement and dynamics are her favourite subjects.

Gwen Gordon

I have been involved with art all my life and seriously began to study painting in 1983. I learned how to truly 'see' color by painting in oils, outside 'en plein air'. Soon after discovering watercolors they became my favorite medium. I paint what I love; people, children, sun splashed land and seascapes, flowers, insects, butterflies, and animals, especially felines. I love to use exuberant color and have a non-technical, intuitive approach to painting. The subject must have a persuasive emotional content which creates the excitement I need to begin painting.

Cassandra Gordon- Harris

My work always has been a personal explorations of human emotions. Using the female figure as a vehicle, I attempt to capture a moment in time. The deep richness of colors, movement in design and a hard line helps to strengthen and broaden the feelings created in my paintings.

Zulia Gotay de Anderson

Zulia has been painting for 26 years. She was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico where she got her degree in art. She lived in New Mexico for 12 years where she obtained a Masters Degree in Art Education from the University of New Mexico. Now she travels and participates in shows all over the United States and has won many awards. Color, lines and design are very important in her art. The themes and subjects of her paintings are all developed from her active imagination.

Leona Graham

Although Leona uses the female form in much of her work, and the issues of women are dear to her, she feels her work can speak universally to cultural and spiritual experiences. She explores issues that are both global and intensely personal. Due to the nature of the work, the pieces often have very generic titles, if titled at all. This offers the observer the opportunity to experience the art with no preconceived intent from the artist through naming conventions. Leona is less concerned with the observer understanding a piece's meaning for Leona and more concerned with the observer having a deeply personal and prolific experience, whatever that may be. Everyone should take something uniquely hers/his from each interaction.

Sherrard Grauer

I grew up in Vancouver, B.C., and have always painted. Art education : Ecole du Louvre (history); San Francisco Art Institute...and everything else that ever happened to me. My work is done in 2, 21/2, and 3 dimensions. Many of my canvasses are shaped and hardened - low reliefs. My 3-d's are usually, but not always, made from wire mesh, and are as much drawings as sculptures.

Franz Graw

Oil on canvas, linoleum print, collagen, pastel on paper, coal on paper, clay/tone work.....Since 1994 the painter issues its works in single and group exhibitions. Its pictures shine from lives and put full details and stories....

Carolyn Gray

Even though Carolyn was raised in the south, she has lived in the southwest for over twenty years. Both environments have contributed to her artistic growth, providing a rich heritage that can be seen in her love for diverse cultures and people, as well as nature, color and design.

Paul N Grech

People have asked me "what is the meaning of this painting?" I've had to reply by asking them "what is the meaning of a violin solo?" I can think of nothing less deserving of explanation than a pure emotion. It, just simply, is. I can also think of nothing more human than the creation of art, in whatever medium and from whatever level of talent. Art is life, and painting is the process of life, manifested.

Painting has been my passion from as far back as I can remember and has continued to define my path. My style has evolved through a convoluted journey of learning by trial and error. Although there are a nearly infinite variety of technical skills one can learn, I have always been more concerned with simply enjoying myself than with trying to be a "good" or "technical" artist. My studies of science, particularly on a molecular level, have inspired me to portray events in nature the way I believe they truly exist - as cascading elements of a much larger and more elaborate system. From Gaia to the genome, I attempt to paint people as tangible extensions of a living, breathing environment, and vice versa.

Pawlu Grech

Composed of a biography of the maltese artist and musician PAWLU GRECH, as well as some of his abstract and semi abstract paintings in his gallery. The artist is fascinated by nature. He uses various techniques including collage.

Charlie Greer

My work has hung in galleries all over L.A. including Infusion, Hangar 1018, Friars Of Beverly Hills, Noho Art Center.

Eti Grifel

Eti Grifel, 45, was born in Haifa, Israel. She moved to New York four years ago and currently lives in Brooklyn. Ms. Grifel studied fashion when she was young, but painting was always her first love. She is a self-taught artist and has never attended art school. She is as impulsive as her work. Her paintings are created “a la prima” -- in one spontaneous burst of energy -- and through her art Ms. Grifel seeks to evoke an emotional experience in the viewer.

Curtis Griffin

I have spent my life developing my unique vision and creative skills. Since my childhood, when the entirety of the world could be represented with a pencil and stick figures, I have grown exponentially as an artist. Today I enjoy the status of learned professional, and also enjoy the lifelong challenge of viable and responsible expression that only fine art can offer me.

Ellen de Groot

Ellen de Groot, paints in the classical tradition, oil on panel. Inspired by the Flemish Masters; portraits, realistic paintings and triptyches. The depiction of women is the most important theme in my work. Furthermore the painting of tissue and the qualtity of cloth-materials is of considerable importance. After a foundation course in Art and drawing followed with a fashion-design course, I discovered around my 25th year 'the wonderful world of oil-paint'. Almost my whole life I had been drawing, but oil paint was a straightforward revelation. 'Love at first sight'. My main inspirational sources are the Flemish Primitives, Memling, Rogier van der Weyden as well as Hans Holbein. Their work is the model of perfection in painting technique, material-expression, composition and the use of color. It breathes the peace and harmony which I also want in my own work.

Harry Gruenert

Harry Gruenert is a craftsman who came to painting in mid-life, carrying to a new form his obsession with shapes, surfaces and textures that is strikingly appealing to many enthusiasts of contemporary art.

Lárus Gudmundsson

Glass artist. displays the art of the icelandic glass artist Lárus G, working and living in Denmark.

Lucson Guerrier

Artiste-Peintre né à Port-au-Prince, Haiti le 12 octobre 1974, a commencé à dessiner dés son enfance. Il a commencé à peindre à l'age de 17 ans.

Ao Gunji

The act of taking the photograph is a sketch. When turning it after the model of the camera, the shadow has been completed in my head. The print with the darkroom is the same as the act of coloring. My image is amplified more.

Suna Gurol

Interest in photography, politics, and pop-culture, combined with a sense of humor, and led Suna to create proposed US postage stamps to celebrate the mundane to the profane aspects of American life. She even sent a letter to the USPS suggesting a variety of subjects, including honoring junk food, political proganda, contact lenses, and crime, that was sadly rejected. Suna was born in 1967 and has lived in various locations throughout the US. She currently lives in a little yellow house in Seattle, Washington with her husband, son, two cats, and numerous spiders.

Heinz Guth

Sometimes painted in a realistic way and other times more abstract. In the last year I have started to create sculptures.

Ben Murat Guzeldere

I was born in 1962 I was interested in various branches of fine arts:painting, drawing-stories,
cartoon, music, literature... Unfortunately, I am graduated from DEU, City Planning Department, an engineer school, not a fine arts school.


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